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Stats Server Jul 14, 2011 | Rei
Sadly our current Stats implementation, which is tasked with being a software level DoS Protection, is itself causing minor DoS issues.

Every page requires access to the stats server, and despite a fairly well optimized MySQL implementation ... it's just not fast enough.

Luckily, I can do better. I'm coding a complete replacement in C. Writing my own database back-end, drafting my own API, implementing all the functions, and writing my own DBA Protocols.

Everything has been moving forward well...

A) Wrote a server in C that binds to a UNIX Domain SOCKET and listens for connections.
B) Write a client in PHP that connects to the database, sends a command, reads a reply.
C) Coded the server to read and parse commands, call handler functions.
D) Coded a handler for inserting new records.
E) Drafted the database as a structure, wrote a linked list storage engine
F) Wrote a primary key lookup handler
G) Retrieved records by primary key

Still a hell of a lot more to do.

I'll be reading about "man 3 dbopen" and "man 3 btree" tomorrow.

Creating working binary tree indexes will be something to explore.

We have very expensive CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5670 @ 2.93GHz (2926.02-MHz K8-class CPU)

So it's possible it could linearly scan 1,000,000 records many, many, many times per second. But proper testing is necessary before I take that on faith alone. haha
More Roles Jul 11, 2011 | Rei
I expanded the Character Roles from 3 options to 8.

Protagonist's Nakama

Hope it'll be enough to cover most of the important characters in each series.

Protagonist's Nakama can be used to cover the people who hang around the main character.

Nakama = 仲間 なかま (n) company; fellow; colleague; associate; comrade; mate; group; circle of friends; partner

Working on some Rank advancement cron scripts next ~
Google+ Jul 11, 2011 | Rei
Added Google's +1 button Widget to the site.

We'll try it for a short while. I'm curious how much it affects Search Rankings, and also curious if anyone would +1 anything.

If it's a benefit, we'll keep it. If it's pointless and annoying, I'll remove it.

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