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Guild VS Guild - NTR Wars

How to Play

  1. Join a Guild
  2. Select a Guild to Represent
  3. Reclaim your Waifu / Husbando
Guild Realm Kills ( NTR Retake ) Deaths ( NTR Loss )
Touhou Project flag Upper Realm Realm 69938 69982
Oppai Appreciation Guild flag Upper Realm Realm 61739 61605
Waifu Warriors flag Middle Earth Realm 19961 20084
The Hakurei Axis flag Upper Realm Realm 18005 17967
Flat is JUSTICE! flag Middle Earth Realm 17519 17446
Black Butler flag Lower Realm Realm 9710 9535
Anime Sport Guild flag Upper Realm Realm 9655 9639
No Game No Life flag Subspace Realm Realm 7413 7435
Minor Character Appreciation Guild flag Middle Earth Realm 4966 4933
The Throne of Heroes flag Upper Realm Realm 4617 4588
≻Video_Games_ flag Outer Realm Realm 4023 4014
Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? flag Outer Realm Realm 3045 2971
Treasure Hunter's Guild flag Middle Earth Realm 2861 2891
DXD flag Lower Realm Realm 2549 2539
Yaoi and Yuri Guild flag Upper Realm Realm 2446 2416
Mobile Suit Guild flag Subspace Realm Realm 2027 2064
Save or Destroy the World flag Outer Realm Realm 1998 2093
Yaoi's Den flag Lower Realm Realm 1848 1784
𝒰𝓁𝓉𝒾𝓂𝒶𝓉𝑒 𝒪𝓉𝒶𝓀𝓊'𝓈 flag Outer Realm Realm 1415 1421
OBLIVION flag Outer Realm Realm 1295 1331
Illumin◬ti Incorporated flag Outer Realm Realm 1291 1286
Kyonyuu Heaven flag Upper Realm Realm 1241 1227
Kingdoms Of Hope And Despair flag Lower Realm Realm 1074 1113
Otome Games flag Lower Realm Realm 739 739
Husbando Appreciation flag Outer Realm Realm 725 741
The World God Only Knows flag Upper Realm Realm 613 639
Kirby Factory flag Subspace Realm Realm 575 572
OTAKU PARADISE!!! flag Lower Realm Realm 511 500
The Guild Only Otaku Knows flag Upper Realm Realm 257 249
Death The Kid anyone? flag Subspace Realm Realm 191 197
Enrichment Guild flag Upper Realm Realm 158 162
Rainbow Lovers flag Upper Realm Realm 142 162
FOODIES flag Lower Realm Realm 111 100
The Neko Club flag Upper Realm Realm 105 103
Ainz Ooal Gown flag Outer Realm Realm 66 52
Zagen's crazy life flag Upper Realm Realm 63 42
Keyblade Wielders flag Outer Realm Realm 59 67
Hellz Yeah! flag Outer Realm Realm 54 37
HQ!! Fans flag Middle Earth Realm 50 81
Sword Art Online Forever flag Outer Realm Realm 45 29
The Color Cafe flag Upper Realm Realm 43 36
Death Note Appreciation Club flag Lower Realm Realm 43 43
The Church of Poi flag Upper Realm Realm 40 42
Tsundere lovers flag Subspace Realm Realm 33 34
The One flag Middle Earth Realm 31 29
Yandere Bloody Heavens flag Lower Realm Realm 22 25
Realm of Freedom flag Middle Earth Realm 22 3
Oppai without banners flag Upper Realm Realm 16 28
The New Guild of Anime flag Outer Realm Realm 8 8
Lily's Petals flag Upper Realm Realm 7 10
Twintails Lovers flag Upper Realm Realm 4 5
Evil Hunter Association flag Lower Realm Realm 4 7
Vocaloid Fans flag Subspace Realm Realm 3 2
Shippings Paradise flag Upper Realm Realm 3 2
Knightmare flag Lower Realm Realm 2 4
PokéFamily flag Outer Realm Realm 2 1
Musical animes flag Middle Earth Realm 2 13
Evil Babes flag Upper Realm Realm 1 1
Just Some Magicians flag Subspace Realm Realm 0 1

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